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See The State and Total Number of People With Coronavirus In Them, See If Your State Is Included

This is the update from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) on Sunday, April 5 2020.

NCDC tweeted the list of states with Coronavirus and how many people infected by the virus in each state respectively on Twitter @NCDCgov

With the report from NCDC, coronavirus tolls haves now soared to 232, 33 Discharges and 5 Deaths in the country shared across thirteen states and the FCT.

As at 9:30 pm, 5th April 2020 below is the Coronavirus statistics in Nigeria.

Confirmed Cases: 232

Deaths: 5

Discharged: 33

Now The List Of State With Total Number Of People With Coronavirus So Far.

- Lagos State has the highest number of reported cases of nationwide, her reported cases are total of 120.

- The Federal Capital of Nigeria (Abuja) has total number of 47 reported cases.

- Osun State has total number of 20 reported cases.

- Oyo State and Edo state has the number of 9reported cases respectively.

- Bauchi state has the total number of 6reported cases.

- Akwa Ibom state and Kaduna state has 5reported cases respectively.

- Kaduna State has total number of reported cases.

- Ogun state has 4 reported cases.

- Enugu State and Ekiti State has 2 reported cases respectively.

Rivers State, Benue State, and Ondo State has 1reported cases each.

Please noted that these statistics are not constant, they can change anytime, any day.

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