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Yul Edochie Talks About Teachers Who Flogs Students For Speaking Their Native Language, Do You Agree With What He Said?

Almost all of us were victims of this when we were in Nursery, Primary and even secondary schools. Those days my teacher says that anybody that makes noise will pay N10 and if you speak your native language (mine is Igbo) will pay N10.

Those days N10 was a huge sum of money not now it won't even buy something tangible.

We paid N10 for one vernacular, if you speak two times you will pay N20, 3 times N30 and so on.

The funny part is that every morning before my teacher starts teaching she will through the class prefect call the names of students and amount they are owing. 

"Names of Noise Makers and Names of Igbo Speakers respectively." If you are owing she will flog you everyday until you clear your debt 😢 

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Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie took to Twitter to state his opinion about teachers Flogging their students because they speak their native language. 

He shared a tweet remembering how teachers back then flogged students for speaking their native language.

According to him, those teachers should be ashamed of themselves.

“To think that some of our teachers flogged us back then in school for speaking our language.
Calling it vernacular.
Can you imagine?
You speak your own language you get flogged.
All those teachers should be ashamed of themselves.
Oyibo people really messed up our brains.” he tweeted.

Guys... Did you agree with what Yul Edochie said? 

Did you recall those days? 

How did your teacher do her own punishment? 

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