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Maggots Started Coming out From my Thing After Sleeping With Him

A sad story of a 20 Year Old girl whose name is Ogechukwu Andrew is a 200 level student of federal polytechnic oko Anambra State. 

She said :

I met this my good boy friend back in secondary, schoool we love each other, both of us agreed never to have s3x till we enter university and luckily to us we got admitted to same school we lived in same room my parents never knew i was staying with my boyfriend in same room.

All this while he has never asked me for s3* so one morning i was in the mood so i told him that i will like us to make love and he said okay. But one thing that confused me is that he insists on cleaning my private part with his red handkerchief.

I asked him why. He said that he can’t have sleep with someone without doing so. I really love him so much so i accepted as we continued our love making session.

After everything he tied the handkerchief in a black nylon i asked him where is he taking it to he said he wants to go and throw it away i said okay.

From that morning he left till around 12 noon i didn’t see him so i decided to call him to know his whereabout surprising to me his number was switched off I became worried.

So getting to I started feeling something in my private part i decided to check, to my greatest surprise maggots are all over my private part. Am seriously in deep pains now i don’t know what is happening could it be it’s the handwork of my boyfriend? I don’t know what to believe now."

so dear wonderful readers what’s the best advice you have for Ogechukwu kindly drop them in the comments section.

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