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Marriage Ceremony Reportedly Scattered as ex-Boyfriend Shows up Requesting for 22 Million He Spent

What people encounter in relationships sometimes can be so strange that I winder how such relationship lasted for sometime. It is gradually becoming common for girls that after a man spend on them, they boldly stand and reject the person making it seem as if it is a crime for a man to sponsor a lady.

About few months ago, a similar case was reported where a man after training a lady in the university to an extent that he paid her bride price, the lady came out asking the young man to name his price because she wants to marry another man who lives abroad.

It is never a must that two people who dated must marry each other but it is important to find out each other's intention in a relationship so that not when one person is thinking ahead, the other person it thinking otherwise. Define your relationship because it is a major cause of this problem.

Some giros would say that a guy keeps spending on them without defining the relationship, therefore, if she sees anyone who asks for her hand in marriage and she likes him, she is getting married.

This short story broke my heart when I saw it even though the identities were not revealed but the pint was made. According to Linda Nwachukwu who seemed to be an eye witness, she said it happened in Imo state. An ex boyfriend stormed the event and got everywhere scattered saying the bride must return his 22 million naira he spent on her.

A lot of people were questioning the amount of money the young man mentioned but it could be possible depending on how long they have been and how rich the young man may be and how far he must have sponsored the lady.

In this case, there would be no room for explanation at the moment but I hope to keep you updated on the cause of the problem and what really happened.

Do you think this is the best thing to do as the young man did?

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