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If you want women to see you as a man, never say these 10 things to them

Sometimes men might think they are doing the right thing or saying the right thing to impress a girl, not knowing they're making things worst. 

You should know what to say or not to say to a woman when taking to her. Sometimes, some words we think are my mind blowing are just useless and annoying. 

1. Never tell a woman your asset.

It is unwise for you as a man to tell a girl your assets. You will see some guys telling women they have enough more and so on just to impress them. Instead, stay cool and be yourself. You don't need it.

2. Don't use pet names for her, unless you're in a relationship.

Men try to impress women by calling them names like, baby, sweetheart, sweetie and so on, which doesn't really make sense when you're not in a relationship with her. 

3. Don't use sexual words to compliment her if you're not that close.

Most guys say these words a lot when tell meet a woman for the first time. Words like you're hot, your shape is perfect, you look sexy and so on. Saying these things to a woman will make her think you're just interested in her because of her shape and you're attracted to her because of her part of body.

4. Never compare her to your ex. 

All women hate it, don't even give it a try if you don't want it to become the end of your relationship. Don't ever tell a woman she reminds you of your ex or she makes you miss your ex. 

5. Never make her feel guilty.

You're a man, you don't need to make a woman feel guilty no matter what. It make them to feel hatred, pain and anger. 

6. Never give a woman your number to call you.

There is no how big you should be, you should never give a woman your number so she can call you, instead you should be the one to collect her number and then call her. Don't act like a woman, act like a real man.

7. Never tell her she is ugly.

This is the worst thing you can ever say to a girl, no matter what the issue between you guys could be. Even if at all she is not that pretty, don't tell her she is ugly it will make her feel very bad. Even if you have to lie, women hate to be told the true, do so please.

8. Never tell her another woman is beautiful and hot.

Women feel jealous when other women are been praised in their presence. Come to think of it, you will not also feel good if you were to be told by your girl that another man is handsome and hot.

9. Never tell her you're not interested in her.

Even if you don't want to date her anymore, don't tell her, tell her indirectly and make her say those words that she is not interested in you. 

10. Don't tell a woman she reminds you of your sister or mum.

Saying this kind of thing can make her feel less interested in you because it seems you're just trying to friend her nothing much. Don't ever compare a woman to anyone no matter what, it really make them feel uncomfortable and sad.

If you have any reservation, questions and comment, do well to use the comment box.

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