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If your wife does these things, just know that your marriage may not last long

There is nobody that will want to get married and not want their marriage to last long. The main reason why there was a marriage in the first place, is because the two couples love each other. When some people eventually get married, they tend to start acting differently. Let me talk from the men's point of view. There are some things some women do which most men don't like. If the woman refuses to change, this may cause the husband to start losing interest in her.

There are however some signs that men should look out for. Some of them include;

1) A wife that doesn't contribute anything to the family at all:

Gone are those days when men wants their wives to be full house wives. Nowadays, men want their wives to atleast be doing something which will be keeping her busy.

2) A wife that loves gossiping:
A wife that loves gossiping may be indirectly causing problem for her marriage. This is because she will be revealing the secrets of the family.

3) A wife that keep fighting their neighbours:
No man will want to go to work all through the day, only to come back and meet his wife fighting their neighbours.

4) A wife that ties wrapper throughout the day:
A woman that ties wrapper all through the day may not last in a marriage. This is because she won't look appealing to her husband, which may make him end up cheating on her.

(woman tying a wrapper. Her face wasn't shown due to the publishing rules).

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