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6 Common Lies Guys Use In Sleeping With Ladies

Men are known for amazing lies when they find you attractive and want to put you in bed, whether they're married or single (if they're a single man). If you discover or perhaps have doubts, most of them are willing to go further by cursing their lives just to convince you or prove you wrong.

  1. I am ready to stabilize:

   Most women don't know, but let me take a moment to clarify this. A man who is willing to marry you will never know you until he has decided on his opinion and he is 100% sure that it is you, only if he plans by how to ask you about marrying him.

   Many women today wonder how a man they have known for many years leaves them and marry another. A few weeks later. The only explanation for this is that he has only used you for so many years to warm the bed while he is intending to marry someone else. So be careful if a guy comes to you singing that he's ready to settle down.

  2. I told my mother about you

   98% of women about it. Once a guy tells them this cheap lie, they start to recap about their wedding day, thinking that once his mother knows about their relationship nothing else will get in the way.

 3. I am thinking of seeing your people

   This lie arises when a lady is very stubborn and does not want to yield to her selfish demands. He already knows she loves him, but isn't willing to open up to him unless he goes to see her people. 

   The next thing that comes to mind is telling you about his fictitious plan to reach out to you. He can even go so far as asking you to give him some list of what your family wedding looks like. This trick can convince any lady, so be careful

   4. When do you visit me:

   Men are known for it. Sometimes they ask when you come to me, like he's in the hospital.

   5. I introduced you to my friends. Duty is a lie, don't trust it even if it's right. Indeed, his friends might even call you "our wife" even if they know you're not in his top 10 real girlfriends. Don't trust him because his friends call you "our wife" .. 90% after a scam. We are people for you

   6. Going to my parents: Most of my dear boys will take you to greet his parents and as soon as you leave they will tell them that you are his friend or his school, Wait for a good introduction before you start .. column.

   Teacher, don't trust him too much and start promoting him until you really believe in his personality.

   Finally, as nice and considerate as this app, when he asks "we can see", tell him to surpass my loved ones. Some guys are pretending in these applications. Never believe anyone. Appreciate yourself as a lady and do not rush in love, or you will regret it.

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