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After Lai Muhammed Threatened CNN With Sanctions, See What CNN Posted About Nigeria That Made People Correct Them

After weeks of protesting against police brutality, the end SARS protests was hijacked by hoodlums, which used this opportunity to begin their atrocities.However, in Lekki the peaceful protesters were shot at by the Nigerian soldiers, and this led to deaths of some innocent lives, while some where eventually injured.While all these were happening, some people were actually recording the sad event.While they uploaded it, the awful event began to go viral, and caught media attention.

We all know that we are now in a world, where information goes viral within few minutes.Concerned Nigerians began to tag various people, international medias, to the extent that even Hillary Clinton said something on the Lekki massacre.CNN has now made some investigative reports on the issue.The international media found out that the Nigeria army used live bullets on the protesters, but the Nigerian army had said earlier that, they only fired blank ammunitions.

After they released the video on their investigation, Lai Muhammed, who is the minister of information and culture, said that CNN should be sanctioned, because they relied on social media videos that had no verifications.He also denied that fatalities occured, and said that no family has reported the death of relatives.

After he made the statement, CNN now made a news report that Nigeria threatened them with sanctions, but did not provide any evidence that the investigation is inaccurate.See the post below.

After CNN posted that, some people began to react and corrected them by saying that they should have used Lai Muhammed's name instead of using Nigeria.See how they reacted below.

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