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Bad News For Nigerians In USA As Trump Might Abolish Indigeneship By Birth Before Leaving Office

The United States Of America has been a safe heaven for immigrants who seek greener pasture as the 'Gods own Country', provides a liberal society and also job opportunities to it's teaming populace irrespective of race and religious affiliation.

Immigrants from different Continents including Africa have in the past taken advantage of this Country's immigration rules to become citizens. You can become a citizen of USA after residing in the Country for 15 years with no criminal record or by Neutralisation- denouncing your former citizenship and pledging allegiance to The US, another easy way of gaining citizenship is to be born in the country as it is common to see pregnant women travelling to The US to give birth thereby qualifying their children as legitimate citizens.

However, The US President Donald Trump is set to sign a MOU to abolish citizenship by birth before leaving the White House come Janaury 2020. This information was shared by Daily Mail Online via their Twitter handle.


Members of the public were quick to reply this tweet, sharing their opinions on the matter.


It should be noted that Trump's administration is against immigration into the country, he has made the rules strict and is currently building a wall on the Mexican border to hinder immigrants from accessing USA.

This news is a wake-up call to all Nigerians in Diaspora, to come back home and develop their Country of origin.

But what do you think of Trump's suggestion?

Share your view and share this article.

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