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Dear Men, If You Still Love Your Male Organ, Stop Doing These 5 Habits

Living an healthy life is the most very important thing which we need to seek for so as to enjoy our life. As a man, you should know that there some things which you need to avoid, because they can directly or indirectly damage your male organ permanently.

In this article, am going to share our men some five (5) habits which some men are practicing, but is not good because they are slowly damaging the male organ.

Check them out below:

1) Lack of exercise:

As a man, you should know how to exercise your body even if it is once in a week. Research made it known that any man who exercise regularly will experience good health.

2) Smoking:

As a man, we all know that male organ have tiny holes and flesh. And if you are a smoker, anytime you smoke, the niconitric acid will enter into the holes and get trapped, and this can cause damage to the male organ.

3) Excessive alcohol:

Most of our young men of nowadays have developed a lot of interest to alcohol which is not good, because it can permanently or temporary affect the male organ.

4) Excessive intake of sugar:

According to researchers, excessive sugar can cause damage to the male organ, because the body uses fructose (a type of sugar) to provide fat.

5) Excessive vitamin A intake:

Although eating food rich in vitamin A is healthy especially from plants like fruits and vegetable. But according to researchers, taking too much of food rich vitamin A can cause problem to the male organ.

I hope you have learned something in this article? Kindly drop your comment below and don't forget to share this article to your loved ones.

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