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Don't Burn Them Please! See How Soldiers Caught Armed Robbers In Broad Daylight After Gunfire Exchange That Got Reactions (Video)

It is no longer news that armed robbers have been terrorizing some parts of Benin, and have been even more daring since the disbandment of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad unit of the police, but luck ran out for some after they were apprehended by soldiers and a joint task force.

There is an adage that says "99 days for the thief and one day for the owner" and it has well been played out here. Following intel, security operatives like the soldiers, police, and vigilantes with the help of some civilians were able to apprehend a good number of armed robbers after exchanging gunfire

The incident which was video recorded has gone viral. From the video, it is understood that some of the armed robbers lost their lives in the gunfire exchange but it is unclear if there were casualties on the side of the security operatives or not. Soldiers gave some of the robbers the beating of their lives before throwing them into their Hilux vehicle

Just Tap Here to Watch Video In Instagram, I Have Uploaded It There. 

Residents who gathered confirmed that the robbers that were apprehended have been the notorious ones terrorizing the streets

Some civilians attempted to deliver jungle justice on some of the robbers but were prevented by security operatives, and as they whisked the robbers away the civilians begged them to make sure the robbers face the full force of the law

In my opinion, this will help a lot of people see that the SARS unit was useful. Please no burning because in the video I can hear someone burn them. No jungle Justice, let the law take it’s course. 

See how people have been reacting to this below

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