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God Bless Reno Omokri! See Eye Opening Message He Sent To Unmarried Men That Got People Talking

Reno Omokri in his usual way has shared an eye opening massage to male youths who are not married which i find helpful to this generation who are one way or the other preparing for marriage anytime soon. So, i will like to share the message with you as you carefully read along.

Reno Omokri, an aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan is a pastor, politician, writer and activist who do devote his previous time to lecture both young and old on how they can achieve success and live a fulfilled life.

He is someone who finds it easy to think like a youth and put himself in the shoes of anyone going through one thing or the other such that he gives advise and proper solution like he has seen the mind of people in such a situation.

We all know that grown up youths must someday get married to a man or a woman of their choice and this would make youths have a family of their own. Before this can be done, some vital things ought to have also been put in place by unmarried men who want to have a family of their own.

Reno omokri through his twitter account @renoomokri dropped an eye opening post which can be likened to what is happening in this present day all over the world.

In his statement, He said;

" Nobody plans to be broke, busted and disgusted. However, when you marry and have kids without a job, or a steady income, you automatically make a pact with poverty to be broke, busted and disgusted. Carry money before you marry your honey".

After going through this post, i cannot but thank Reno for dropping this eye opening post for youths to see. Let it be known that anyone who has failed to plan must plan to fail.

There are many men out there who have no source of income but have actually one in way or the other bow to pressure from friends, families and associates by getting married without a single blueprint on how to run their family when kids start coming in.

Looking at what is really happening nowadays, you will see situations whereby a young man got a young lady pregnant and the next thing is for them to start staying together as couple. I don't think these people have ever sat down and thought of their income and how to raise a family such that the children and the family at large will have the best of things no matter how small it could be.

Even the Bible which was written many years ago recognised the effect of a man planning for his family. The Bible established that any man who is unable to provide for his family can be compared to an infidel and this is a bad news for any man who want to get married without any plan.

Nowadays, we see cases of men getting across to their relatives or friends when their woman is pregnant or about to give birth begging for financial help. I begin to wonder, does that man not know that he has to plan for 9months ahead of the delivery day?

More so, we see kids loitering and hawking on the street in different places without going to school because their father could not afford to send them to a Government owned schools not to talk of private schools to get quality education all because there was no concrete plan on ground.

Also, these are the calibre of kids you will see terrorizing the community because once they can't learn a skill or go to school, the next thing on the table for them is to rob people of their belongings.

These and many more are what you begin to see and experience when a man bow to pressure of getting married but failed to plan on how he can sustain his family financially.

In conclusion, this message from Reno is a good one trying to point out that Men should make enough money which can sustain the family before getting married. Let it be known that it is a bad thing for them to bring children to this world and make them suffer unjustly.

If as a man you do not have a steady source of income that will give you the go ahead, to have a family, please think twice before you get married and start producing children because marriage and good children are what contribute to a good and peaceful society.

After he dropped the message, some of the twitter users who are his fans have been taking their time to talk and thank him for such an eye opening post. Here is what they have to say below.

Dear readers, what can you say about the eye-opening message reno omokri has advised men to do before marriage?

Should men wait to have a steady income before getting married or should they get married because age is not on their side again?

Let's talk about it. Let's talk about it. Do well to share your thought in the comment section below

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