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Instead Of Taking Her To A Hospital See What A Man Did To A Helpless Lady At Night That Got Reaction

When we see someone in distress or life-threatening condition our first instinct is to devise a way to save them and that is one of the things that makes us humans. But some people are slowly losing this part of their humanity

For popularity, followers, likes, and comments on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook some people instead of helping their fellow humans in distress will rather standby and video record so that they can upload it for everyone to see just like this case below.

An Instagram user Adebola Isaac shared a video of a young lady in distress. From the video, the lady could be seen lying on the ground and rolling about, while also trying to hold on to her phone and struggling to mutter some words. He said that he found the lady in that pitiable condition close to midnight at lekki phase 1 gate in Lagos state and hoped that she survived till the next morning

Just Tap Here to Watch the Video and see photos below:

He suggested that the lady was under the influence of drugs which may have been forced on her or she took it of her own free will. He also announced that the lady needed help but his followers were quick to call him out for only taking video of the lady and abandoning her there. In his defense, he said he did the best he could by getting her milk and water and also imploring some security men to watch her till the next morning

This Instagram user should be applauded for doing his best but the best thing that he should have done here was to take her to a nearby hospital or better still hand her over to an appropriate authority like the police. Leaving a helpless girl with some security men is not the best thing to do.

Popular blogger Linda ikeji shares this video on her Instagram and there have been mixed reactions.

Some people believe that what Adebola Isaac did was the right thing because in saving others one has to also think about himself sighting that if he had decided to take the girl to a hospital and she dies on the way that would put him in a serious problem with the police

While others believed that he should have done more, see reactions below

What are your thoughts on this? Would you have done better in his position?

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