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See 3 Parts of A Lady She Expects You to Touch But She Won't Tell You

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Being in a relationship requires you to be able to connect with your partner on the same level that she would love you to connect with her. 

And for you like a guy, it might be a bit difficult, because ladies find it difficult to open up on what they want, and what they expect you to do to them. This article is meant to give you the orientation on the 3 parts of a lady that she expects you to touch but won't tell you.

These parts of her body that she expects you to touch, are the ways you can connect with her, and get her in the mood, touching those parts frequently, strengthens the bond that exists between the two of you.

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So, as you read along, make sure you note those three parts, and you act on them the next time you are with your lady.

1. Her hair

Ladies love it when they are appreciated it's one of the things that they crave for. And one of the parts of her body that she wants you to touch and appreciate, is her hair.

So you need to caress her hair as often as you can and tell her how beautiful the hair is, and how much beautiful the hair has made her. Saying these things would make her love you more, and she would know that you appreciate her.

2. Her back

Ladies also love to be tickled, which explains why they love it when their guy is very playful and can tickle them often. The part of her body that does the tickling for her, is her back. And that explains why she expects you to touch it. But you know, that she's not going to tell you. So you need to do it, to surprise her.

3. Her feet

This is a part of her body that gets her relaxed if you can massage her feet very well, to the point that she gets relaxed and releases some stress off her body, she's going to appreciate you, and it would prove to her that you love her.

Take note of these three parts, as she expects you to know.

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