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See The List Of Bank Accounts Frozen By CBN; Please Check If Your Account Is In The List

Recall that the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN (Mr. Godwin Emefiele) released a list of people who were suspected and accused of funding #EndSars protests across the country some days past. The list numbered about 20 persons.

Godwin Emefiele filed a case against the people whose name appeared on the list, requesting the banks where their accounts were domiciled to freeze their accounts with immediate effect.

Here are the names on the list that was sent to the court by CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele.

1. Bolatito Rachael Oduala

2.Chima David Ibebunjo

3. Mary Doose Kpengwa

4. Gatefield Nigeria Limited

5. Saadat Temitope Bibi

6. Bassey Victor Israel

7. Wisdom Busaosowo Obi

8. Nicholas Ikhalea Osazele

9. Ebere Idibie

10. Akintomide Lanre Yusuf

11. Uhudo Ezenwayi Promise

12. Mosopefoluwa Adeseye

13. Adegoke Pamilerin Emmanuel

14. Umoh Grace Ekanem

15. Babatunde Victor Segun

16. Mulu Louis Teghenan

17. Mary Oshifowora

18. Winifred Akpevweoghene Jacob

19. Victor Solomon

20. Dunu A. Williams

Picture used for illustrative purpose

Below is a screenshot of the banks where their accounts are domiciled, and the order to freeze the accounts of the people whose name appeared on the list.

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