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See What This Lady Did To A Woman Carrying A Baby While Fighting (PHOTOS)

Hey guys, today we bring a new gist and we will be showing some things that happened when two ladies were fighting.

Welcome to Kingsparo BLOG, A video have emerged online which captured the moment some ladies were fighting over a Man.

They fought seriously which even led them to tearing their clothes on the street

Many people will wonder why they People watched them fight will someone came to their aid.

But it seems some people derived pleasure in seeing those two ladies embarrass themselves publicly.

We will show you some photos of the lady's fighting

These Two Nigerian women have disgraced themselves by fighting openly in public. The sad incident took place on a street believed to be in Lagos state. The women were said to be fighting over a man believed to be interested in in one of them.

Information gathered revealed that the woman strapping a baby to her back had fought the other single lady because she is against her brother marrying the woman.

But, it seems like she had told the brother and he refused to listen to her, which forced her to confront the single lady in public. The sad incident was watched by many people in the street.

In this photo you will see a young man who settled the fight between then

See What This Lady Tried To Do To This Woman

In the picture the lady tried to Lift the woman but luckily, it wasn't possible for her.

So this are some of the photos of the women fighting.

Guys, what do you think about them?

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