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See What Will Happen If Trump Refuse To Handover To Biden Come January 20, John Adams As Case Study

The presidential election of the united state of America that was concluded few weeks ago was not without it's own challenge, as the incumbent president mr Donald trump has yet congratulated nor acknowledged the reported winner of the election Mr Joe Biden based on the allegation of vote fraud.

Mr Donald trump has tried all possible efforts to prove his allegations and even in the process he filed a court proceedings to fight his case, but he has met with little success in his pursuit.

For sure know one knows what the action of Donald trump will be before the handing over day early next year he could have acknowledged the winner before then, but if he refuses he won't be the first person in the country history to do so, in 1801 the second American president Mr John Adams was also caught in this web.

Adams lost to his rival Jefferson and he refuses to concede power, soon afterwards the security chiefs and the presidential staffs refuses to take instructions from him, in fact instead of him to be present on the day of the swearing-in, he left the white house very early in the morning, and subsequently the elected president was sworn in without his presence.

Already, there has been underground rumor of discord within his own camp, due to his refusal to acknowledged the outcome of the election.

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