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The death of this Igbo girl in Enugu should serve as a lesson to all business people, see the reason

The death of this Igbo girl in Enugu should serve as a lesson to all business people, see the reasons

As the Christmas season approaches, there is the need for everyone to be security conscious. This is because people desperate to celebrate the yelutide season in a big way are already on the prowl. They employ every diabolical means to get money which includes rituals and other fraudulent means. This is why we have to learn some lessons to avoid some certain things from occurring to us.

Every business goes with its attendant risk. This is the reason why one has to learn from the mistakes of the others. Lesson could be in learnt in both the personal and business life. It could even be learnt from what happened to people that are not related to us in any way.

Reports have it that few days ago, a young lady that is a makeup artist simply identified as Miss Ijeoma Nweke was declared missing in Enugu after she was booked for a job by an unknown person in an undisclosed location.

See the pathetic statement below:

"Miss Ijeoma was booked for a makeup business in an undisclosed location. According to her friend, she asked for the address of the occasion but the client asked her to come ESBS, a popular bustop in Enugu, so that from there, they can take her time to the place. 

The Igbo lady got there and on their way, she suspected some unusual movements and contacted her brother through text message, by sending the person phone number to him. Unfortunately, no one heard from her the number she gave including her own were no longer going.

The next news they got was that of a corpse seen at Maryland area of Enugu and it happened to be her. Very saucy news indeed. In all honesty, the death of this Igbo girl in Enugu should serve as a lesson to business people. When going for a job outside from your shop or office, please and please notify someone the actual place you are going to."

The moral lessons to learn from this tragic incidence that happened to Ijeoma is that those involved in any form of commercial activities should endeavour to identify their clients well. Also, they must ensure that the location where their services are required must be properly identified by them. Such business people must ensure that they properly inform someone close to them, and if the client refuse telling you the actual location, then the person should forget the job. It is not everyone that comes to you is actually good. Some people are wicked and actually have bad intentions for you. These are some of the moral lessons we can learn from the incident that happened to Ijeoma.

People that are engaged in handiwork activities, whose services are sometimes required outside their shops should endeavour to discourage home delivery services, except it is quite unavoidable. Much as everyone desires to make monet, especially during this yelutide season, the the attraction of high cost of providing home service delivery should be resisted with all gusto, except the customer is well known. This is a period every relationship must be verified.

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