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US Election: Supreme Court Once Decided US The Winner Of The US Presidential Election Long Time Ago

Currently, the drama around who becomes the 46th president of the United States of America has taken quite and an unpredictable turn in the last few days. Democrat candidate Joe Biden has been projected to win the election by the current counting statistics.

Unless something noteworthy happens in the next few days, Trump's stay at the white house will be interrupted by Joe Biden in January of 2021 but he has refused to accept that. He argues that there were fraudulent activities in the electoral process and a legal preceding might ensue.

First of all it is important to note that Trump might not get a shot at the supreme court just yet(the supreme court mostly handles cases appealed after decisions by lower courts). But has the supreme court ever nullified results in a presidential election in the United States? Yes.

It was in the 2000 US presidential election. Texas Governor George W. Bush was the candidate for the Republican party while sitting vice president Al Gore was nominated for the Democrats.

After the October 7, 2000 election Bush had a total of 246 electoral votes while Gore had 255 votes. But the results in New Mexico, Florida and Oregon were too close to call. Gore would go on to win New Mexico and Oregon in the next few days taking his total electoral votes to 267 but he needed 270 to win.

That meant that the winner of Florida (25 electoral votes) would become the next president of the United States of America. After the first count, Bush led by 1784 votes warranting an automatic recount in accordance with Florida state laws.

After series of Machine and Manual counts in the next few days, the Florida supreme court ordered another recount. But Bush's legal team tabled their concern in the US supreme court. The court ultimately stopped the recount which means that Bush ultimately wins the election with a small margin of just 537 out of 6 Million votes.

What Do You Think About The Present State of US ELECTION? 

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