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What My Fiancé Did to Me When I Caught Him With Another Girl, It Will Never Be Well With Both of Them - Lady Cries Out

I went to pay my bf unexpected visit we've been dating for 5years and this guy was with another girl. Guess who he walked out? Joro my fiancé walked me out saying that's the reward for coming to his unexpected. Like I'm sad can't eat My heart is pounding I can't sleep. I feel like I'ma looser. 

Sorry if there's no punctuation marks I'm not thinking straight.

How can he be so wicked to treat me this way? I wish my dad's mum was alive I would have reported him to her. I will go to kogi and tell her friends what my fiancé did so they can punish him hard for me. 

Joro I was faithful I had my hope in him, I would have listened to my friends. Where dol start from? I was with this guy when he had nothing and now that his ok he wants to
replace me? 

If I don't marry him no one will ever marry him. I'm damn hurt joro l'm typing and fetching water from the kitchen to toilet. Have swept the whole house, have cooked 4 different
meal I don't know if it's tasty tasteless or salty Joro I trekked my life today.

 Joro how do I get over this please help me. I guess I have to start walking around Abuja going to jog if I can forget him. 

Joro he was my best friend. It won't be well with the girl n my bf. My God will judge them. Please l'm damn sad don't insult me I might do something drastic to myself.

She is in emotional trauma and could be dangerous, Please What's your advice for her? 

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