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Which crime you commit this time? fan laments on the new photos of Patience Ozokwor in prison

Patience Ozokwor a Nollywood actress who is popularly known for her villain and evil roles on her movies have gone to Instagram to share new photos on her new movies that is set to be released soon.

Recently, Patience Ozokwor shared some pictures of her in the prison, she wrote; "When your crime abi wickedness finally catch up with you, prison life no easy at all". Who knows what she has committed that led her to prison, although patience is known for her villain roles, probably she has committed evil or has hurt someone to be sent to prison.

Some of her fans have been reacting to the recent post. One of her fan identified as "bobmerrin" wrote; "which crime you commit this time" Patience didn't replied him yet, maybe could be that his comment came late because Patience have been replying most of her fans in the post, trying to clear some people's doubt that it's just a movie not a serious thing.

See screenshot evidence of the post below

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