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30yrs Old Nigerian Divorces his 53yrs Old White Lover, Says He Was Charmed or Brainwashed by The Lady

There is a slang or phrase rather that most people use without even knowing what it means. This “slang is love if blind”. Many people who live a lady or a guy so much refused to consider some things but lived to regret it after entering into marriage. 

There is a saying that love is blind, but I will say that marriage will open your eyes at the end. This is why youths and also unmarried people are advised to go into long term Courtship and also know each other very well before talking about marriage. Most homes are in trouble today because of their marital choice. Many who have rushed into marriages lived to regret it at the end of everything. 

Not long ago, news went viral online of a young Nigerian man who got married to an American lady who is about 53yrs Old. This news caused a lot of reactions and some even claimed that he was doing that because of the properties and riches of the woman. This man has finally divorced his wife. Below is a post made by this man on Instagram to confirm his divorce:

The funny thing about the whole issue is that the man is even claiming that it is either he was brainwashed or charmed by this lady. I still don't know if the whites do something like charming a man with local medicines. Below are more photos of these lovers who just divorced:

This should be a lesson to all. Like he said, his family was angry, but he could not see it. People will always tell you the truth you refuse to know. Never you rush into a marriage because if you do, yours might be worst that this. I think his eyes are now opened, and he has realized that love is beyond money and riches.

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