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5 Dangerous Things You Should Not Do When Cooking With Gas Cooker This Christmas Season

It's Christmas week already and many families abroad will be coming home to celebrate with their extended family members. Some family will be coming back with Gas cylinder (Gas cooker) to easy stress of using firewood to cook.

These abroad individuals are likely to mixed up with some village, not well informed family members who will in one time or the other make use of these gas cookers to either cook meal or warm already cooked food. 

To that effect it's important we educate people on the do and don't's that must be avoided while using gas cooker to avoid putting one's life and lives of those within at risk. 

Here are those guidelines:

1. Don't make use of your cell phone to answer or make call when you're near/using gas cooker as it can ignite fire if there's leakage. 

2. Smoking a cigarette while cooking in gas, just like the instructions in filling station against smoking, it's suicidal when such is done at home. 

3. Avoid shaking your gas cylinder to ascertain the among of gas remaining inside it, this is extremely bad as it can enhance explosion.

4. Don't keep out of sight when cooking with Gas, it can lead to something dangerous if anything goes wrong.

5. When you perceive a smell of gas, please don't on any electronic devices, or on light switch in the building, just calmly off your cylinder and open windows to allow the gas to escape.

Your safety in this festival period is our top priority that's why we are sharing this instructions to you, don't hesitate to share with other family members.

Look out to your loved ones by sharing this content, you might not know who really needs this article.

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