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6 years Old Girl Seen As Being Pregnant Gets 1.3 Million Naira for Treatment (Photos)

This little 6 years old girl was caught with a disorder and almost everyone that sees the little girl thought that she is pregnant. Olga Blessing is the name of the little girl, she is just 6 year-old girl who suffers from a rare medical condition which makes her looks like a pregnant woman. She was diagnosed of the strange illness last year 2019.

It all started when she started feeling too much abdominal pain. She visited some clinics, where her parent were told it was a typhoid fever and were prescribed some medication. After taking all the medicine prescribed by the clinic, no changes and instead, they discovered some swelling in her body, and even her legs started swelling.

She was admitted to the hospital for a month and later the doctors tells her mother Anastine that her little daughter is suffering from Congestive Heart disorder.

The doctor added that the disorder is a disorder of the heart valves. The doctor says In normal human when breathing, those valves opens and closes but in the case of her child, they are always open. That is what made her child look pregnant.

Olga's father abandoned the mother and the child after seeing that the child condition is turning from bad to worse.

Though he could afford the daily medication, the father woke up a day as if he is going to work and he never came back home.

The doctor who was treating the girl said the girl can only get help abroad and that he would advise the mother to fly her out.

Olga's video was uploaded to YouTube and now over 1.3 million has been donated for her treatment.

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