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A 7-year-old boy did a weird thing after he noticed that his mom has symptoms of COVID-19

A 7-year-old boy did what is unexpected after he noticed that his mother has symptoms of COVID-19. Coronavirus has paused fear and anxiety amongst people in South Africa. Even though there are people out there who are still skeptical about coronavirus but the naked fact is that coronavirus does exist and the hurtful truth is that coronavirus kills.

The lady who goes by the name of Kholeka on Twitter; shared what her 7-year-old son did after she told him that she is not feeling too well "My son came to my room and saw me on my bed, he asked why I was still laying down; I said I was not feeling well. A few minutes later I went to his room and I'm confused at what I saw" Wrote Kholeka, the mother of this young boy.

In case you still confused, so after this young boy noticed that his mother is ill, he just made sure that he stays out of trouble, he just locked himself in his room, washed his hands, and put his face mask on since we all know that coronavirus is still a huge threat in South Africa. Here is the photo of this boy.

People couldn't stop praising this young man for being responsible "Dude is taking safety precautions, he doesn't want to be infected" wrote a Twitter user who is more than impressed with what this young man did.

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