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Checkout What A Lady Wore To Church That Sparked Reactions

Indecent dressing is now the order of the day, most especially among women and young ladies.

Some of them prefer to appear "half-naked" and Improperly dressed, rather than cover their bodies completely. In fact, those that cover-up, are regarded as 'over holy' and weird, and this is really sad.

This immoral dressing has found its way into the church. Some ladies dress up like "party girls", in the name of going to serve God.

Photos of ladies properly dressed

In this article, we will be looking at the story of a lady that wore an immoral outfit to church recently.

According to what we can see in the photo, The lady and her friend wore a similar outfit, but her dress was worst than that of her friend.

The pastor noticed her dressing and approached her, and told her to leave the church and go and change her dress.

She didn't argue, she stood up and left the church and came back later on with a better outfit.

Check out Reactions.

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