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Crazy Things Teachers Deals With in School

When you are a teacher, they say you are in "loco parentis". This is a latin saying, which translate in to, "in place of". This loosely means that, a teacher occupies the place of a parent while the child is on school grounds.

Unfortunately there are limitations to what a teacher can do to the child. A teacher is a professional thay conform to a certain standards set out in the Nigerian Schools Act.

The problem is kids will be kids, especially when you are not an actual parent. Plus there are a lot of learners that are extremely spoiled. They talk back to teachers and others even become violent.

When learners leave home, they leave with long skirts, but once parents drop them off skirts become shorter. During breaks and in the morning before the bell ring, they usually play some crazy games. When teachers are not around some even engage in stupid activities like smoking or touching each other.

It is hard raising one or two kids in a home. Imagine a teacher who must raise more than 40 learners in a class, or almost 500 learners on the playground.

We must salute teachers for the sterling work they do with our children. It can't be easy judging by the pictures. Coronavirus virus increased work on the teachers. In addition to teaching and discipline, they had to also enforce lockdown regulations.


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