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Dear Ladies Please Don't Wear These Types of Clothes This Christmas and New Year Season

There's a popular saying that goes "the way you dress is the way you will be addressed". Gone are those days when ladies wear clothes that totally cover their body. When you wear such cloths nowadays, people might see you as old fashioned.

But that nevertheless, most ladies these days take fashion just too far. They wear clothes that show sensitive parts of their bodies even to public occasions all in the name of fashion and majority of them do it during this festive season.

Dear ladies, do not be deceived, you don't need to please anybody by wearing clothes that don't glorify God especially during this festive season. Avoid clothes that reveal your inner wears, avoid clothes that are too tight and show the entire shape of your body, avoid dresses that reveal sensitive parts of your body like your thigh, your chest, your stomach, e.t.c.

Let us not forget the main reason for Christmas celebration. Jesus Christ is the reason for this season so let us glorify him with our dressing.
Dear Ladies, Please Don't Wear These Types Of Dresses In Public During This Festive Season

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