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Deeper Life School Authorities Are Begging Us To Withdraw The Case - Father Of Maltreated Student

According to a report that was confirmed by Sahara reporters, the parents of a boy in a viral video who was maltreated in his school has revealed that the Deeper Life School Authorities have been begging them to withdraw the case so that they can settle it without no public attention. This came after the Akwa Ibom State Government set up a committee to investigate the matter.

If you could recall that the video of this young student went viral yesterday and it gathered a lot of reactions from Nigerians. The mother of the boy narrated that she had a bad dream which prompted her to visit her son in the boarding school, she was shocked to see that her son was looking unhealthy and has lost a lot of weight.

The boy explained that he was molested by senior students in the school after the management took him from JSS 1 hostel to the hostel of the senior students, these senior students were allegedly putting their fingers into his anus and would threaten to kill him if he report them. The boy told his mother that most of the time, he would sleep without eating.

The video went viral after the woman begged Nigerians to come to aid. The school authorities are now begging the family of the boy to withdraw the case after the Akwa Ibom State Government intervened and took up the matter. The father of the boy stated that the Superintendent of the church, Deeper Life Ministries and three others visited them in the hospital that the boy was admitted. The Superintendent expressed shock over the situation and he added that he approves N2.2million for the feeding of the students every week and the principal has to explain where the money is going to.

Three of the staffs who represented the school management visited the hospital and they asked the parents of the boy to remove the video from social media but they were told that it's already viral. The case has been reported to the police and the Deputy Commissioner of Police has intervened.

The Commissioner of Education and the members of the committee that was set up by the government also visited the boy in the hospital.

Do you think the parents of the boy should withdraw the case and settle it with the school since they apologized already?

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