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Few Hours To Christmas, See What Apostle Johnson Suleman Posted That Got People Praising Him

Congratulations to Christians all around the world as they are all able to witness this year Christmas celebration. But just few hours to this beautiful day, here what Apostle Johnson Suleman posted that got people praising him.

Every 25th December of the year marks the day Christians all around the globe celebrates the birth of their lord Jesus Christ whom they believe is the son of God.

The celebration paparazzi starts on the 24th of December which is Christmas Eve where all christians tends to design and decorate their homes and environment.The following days which is 25th is the celebration day where we eat rice and chicken and enjoy ourselves with our families and love ones.

26th of December is Boxing day, where we share gifts among each other.

During the Christmas Eve, about few hours to Christmas, a popular Nigerian Pastor, Apostle Johnson Suleman to the internet to pass a message to everyone of us, Here is what he posted.

"Never live your life seeking validation, you can't please the world, Love people, be kind, be relational but don't live to impress. Even if you kill yourself for people, they will still complain that your burial was boring. Refuse to die before your time. God keep you".

He actually speaks the truth but as a man of God, little did he know that "no matter how good you are, you will always be a bad person in someone's story".

After the pastor posted that, here's what people are saying.

What's your opinion on the Apostle's statement.

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