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Fiction: I Broke Up With Her and She Sent Me This Picture Saying That I Will Die If I Leave Her, My Life is at Stake Please Help

This girl have been my one and only friend since my university days till now. I graduated from the University 3 years ago.

We are supposed to get married but something happened. I haven't caught her cheating on me but my mind is telling me that she is cheating on me. 

Though i find it very hard to leave her because she have invested a lot in me starting from the days in university. I can still remember she once paid my school fees those days including other things she have done for me. 

Just recently i lost interest in her, i don't really know what happened. Am not a bad person but I think it all started last three months after I slept with her. 

That was actually her first time, i took her pride 😢. I used to trust her when she was a virgin but now i have taken her pride i don't trust her again. It also seems like I don't love her like before. 

I regret disflowering her at least my love for her would have been still strong . I told her that I want an end to our relationship. She didn't say a word rather she left my apartment. 

This morning she sent me this photo with threat that if i leave her for another person I will die. She reminded me how i took her pride. 

Please help me, what do i do now?

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