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FICTION: I have been secretly sleeping with my pastor before and after the lockdown, am feeling guilty please advice me

My name is Peace Olatunji, I am 26years old, you can describe me as a girl from a good Christian home with a good upbringing.

 I was brought up by Christian parents who always thought me to go to church almost every time we had programs in church when i come back from work, and i do give an offering every time I go to Church and pay my tithe whenever I get my monthly salary.

My pastor is a very good man of God especially to me at church, he was very close to me and always gave me special attention whenever i was the only one in church. A lot of times, we would go to the church toilet together to have fun, and sometimes we would do it on the church floor or in a hotel but he always preferred doing it on his matrimonial bed whenever his wife was not in.

I started noticing I had feelings for my pastor and was in love with him on a Sunday when he was absent from church because he traveled to another state for a church program. I really thought about telling my pastor’s wife about our relationship because i really felt guilty that what I was doing was really wrong and my pastor’s wife is a very nice and caring person.

I also thought about the consequences and the trouble that could come upon me and my pastor if I should tell his wife about us I really need you guys to advise me about telling her about it or keeping the relationship between I and my pastor going.

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