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How My Sister Lost 2.4 Million Naira In One Day

We are well aware that this is the festive season and as such, anything and everything is possible.

It is common place to discover that crime is always on the rise as a lot of boys would love to level up for the festive seasons. The high rate of crime is not restricted to any part of the world but we can boldly say that Nigeria has her fair share of the troubles with places like Lagos getting more than enough.

Some hours ago, a Twitter user took to her handle to narrate the story of how her sister who is a doctor lost everything she has saved for years now in one day.

According to the Twitter user Dami, her sister was robbed at gunpoint in a one chance car.

Her sister works two jobs as a doctor and has been saving for years now to enable her travel abroad. According to her, everything the sister saved was transferred in minutes and she also had pepper and aboniki put in her eyes before she was thrown out of the vehicle.

A rough estimate of everything that was stolen from her sister was put at 2.4 million naira, this is enough to make anyone lose it.

Even though it didn't happen to her directly, Dami is still shaken and has said that her sister is yet to get over the trauma.

On her path, she is making plans to open a go fund me account but it may not even go all the way to help her sister recover.

See her tweet below:-

We are indeed in dangerous times and no matter the steps taken, it seems to be getting worse.

What can be done about one chance vehicles?

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