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I broke up with my Igbo boyfriend because his parents asked me to cook, Now am dating a Yoruba man - Igbo Lady

A Nigerian lady identified as Dinma narrates how she broke up with the then-boyfriend after he could not protect her from the family members who insisted she cooked for them.

On Twitter, she wrote: “4 years ago an Igbo man stood cowardly while his family cancelled me because they came to visit him and we served them pizza instead of food that I did sweat in the kitchen to cook. This year I am dating a Yoruba man whose 4-year old niece said to me today,

“Aunty Chidimma, I will buy you a gift basket next time you come to my house”. His cousin rings:, “Chidimma I just drove past your house and remembered you. Come over tomorrow with your sisters and have lunch with us.

His mum: “I will tell your boyfriend to bring your Christmas package next month.” None of them has eaten my food before but I have eaten theirs. And oh have we eaten many a pizza! Don’t wait for moral of the story o. I’m just sharing two different experiences”

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