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"I Don't Need Your Money Just Give Me Love"

The issue of Nigerian beautiful ladies seriously searching for men to love them is now a matter that deserves circumspect.

I have pondered on it on different occasions because I have read numerous articles concerning it on different platforms in Nigeria; I have seen different beautiful ladies that are seriously in search of men.

This gesture has surprised me and I have thought maybe the ladies saying this on the internet are only deceiving the general public but the case is quite different.

Before now, the issue of ladies searching for men to love and marry had been rampant in places like America or Europe, and this is happening over there because of a shortage of men; there have been several insinuations that the women populations are increasing on a daily.

And I think the same conditions is what is happening presently in Nigeria as ladies are no longer ashamed of talking openly about their desire to see a man that will love them.

The most interesting part of this is that they will be specific about what they want from men, that is what inculcate another beautiful Nigerian Fulani lady named “Princess” to tweet this on Twitter:

And immediately so many men, who saw it replied her positively, while some make jest of her. Here are some reactions on social media:

In conclusion, I think it’s not proper although it’s part of current civilizations; still, according to my belief any man who came across such a lady will not value her, because I know men conduct in such a condition, they will be she must accept what they do to her since she’s the one that is seriously in search of a man.

What do you think about this lady story?

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