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I’m a Muslim, I Want to Convert to Christianity, Please Advice Me Is it a Sin?

I Want to Change to Christianity due to the fact that I was told Islam is a region of peace but what am seeing is different.

This is my moderate opinion, am a Muslim I plan to change myself to Christianity, is it an inappropriate?. I desire an advice to my issue and with below are my factors for asking this query.

Having a look at every little thing occurring worldwide today, I was offered in a pointer that, as a Muslim, I intend to change myself to Christianity in because before I do that, I have to ask a question is it a transgression? to convert to Christianity, because numerous of our Muslims today are not informing us the reality we need to know and they called Islam region of peace.

If you look at the greatest Terrorists in the World now most of them assume to be practicing Islam and they believe killing those who refused to Convert to Islam is the so desire will of Allah and the Bible instructed Us not to kill else there is great punishment attached.

We can not count the number of people that have been Slaughtered by a Terrorists group called Boko Haram in Nigeria and they believe killing innocent soul all in the name of Islam is doing God service.

There might be some good Islam who do share blood, but I can not go with the fact that, terrorists are using the name of Islam to slaughter people thinking that they are Fighting for God.

However still, I don’t see anything incorrect in changing to another faith when you see that the religions you originate from is absolutely Terrorists practice as their religion and they are Killing People daily.

Please don’t get perplexed concerning this, I don’t imply every Muslims is bad, no, not every Muslim, but I can not call their names listed below, however I recognize some people and recognize those group of terrorists calling themselves Muslim, killing people .

So please that is why I mentioned, I’m a Muslim I intend to change myself to Christianity, is it a sin?

What’s your thought on this? Kindly drop your opinion to advice me?

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