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Make He No Die! Bobrisky Finally Reveals Why He Left Male Gender, He is Set to Cutoff His Manhood in Columbia

Nigerian popular cross dresser, Idris Okuneye alias Bobrisky reveals why he chooses to switch from being a man to a woman, Kingsparo Blog reports.

According to him, he has been a man for over 25years without achieving anything reasonable even with a certificate as a graduate of accounting in university of Lagos. 

He saw how his female friends were cashing out then, that was his biggest motivation. He taught of joining robbery but was afraid of being shot probably killed in the process, also he doesn't have the heart to steal or scam people. 

That was how the idea of cross dressing ringed in his brain. Within one year of being a cross dresser he started making money as men started admiring him as time goes on which means more money to his account. 

Meanwhile, Bobrisky has also revealed that he will completely remove his manhood in Colombia this coming 2021, Kingsparo Blog reports. 

He has already saved upto $300,000 for the surgery. My prayer for him is that let him not die in the process. 

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