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My husband always do everything I say and I don't like it

A Nigerian woman, Name withheld, Narrates how her husband always do everything she says, he doesn't speak like the man of the house and she doesn't like it.

She wrote; "I have two things that are bordering me in my relationship, please advise me."
1. Is it good to marry a man that always agree to everything you say, like all your suggestion is a yes to him, he cannot say no or argue small. 

Every time yes, ok, let's do it the way you just said, is ok. Even when he will be making a good point. I said yes to his proposal but this attitude of his is pissing me off. 

A man can not have his own say or stood to his words. Is just like I'm the one that saying what happens. I have discussed with him about it but he won't stop.

2. Again, he always waits for me to remind him to do something for me. I have also talked to him about it, his responds was that he's not a spirit to know what I need that I should always tell him my needs, can you imagine and he knows that I'm not good in asking for help rather I prefer to give. 

I do buy him gift once I have money but I don't know if he's taking advantage of that or what. 

Last year was our 1st Christmas and I struggled to tell him to give me 20k for my hair and he did. This is another Christmas, today's date is what and this guy has not done anything. 

He's waiting for me to tell him. Is it everything that a lady should remind her guy to do, even something that every normal man should know that he's supposed to do? 

Please how do I handle this type of person before its too late? I getting fed up. Thank you and God bless you.

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