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My husband bought me a car because am pregnant and his sister got angry and slapped me - Married woman

I just want to share something's with you so you can post it and help me seek advise from the page. marriage is getting tougher for me. I got married last month and my husband built in ikoyi, bought rather.

After the wedding his sister and mum moved in with us,he was against it, but told him then to leave them but now they are showing me pepper.

my husband room is upstairs me and him sleep in there but my mother claims she use to hear our voice when he is sleeping with me, my husband is the one that moans but not loud, my mother in-law won't talk to him because she is scared of him but she will be telling me, she says I love fucking too much that her son is becoming tinning, she and her daughter are frustrating me

My husband took my sample for test and found out am pregnant so he bought me a car ,that yesterday while he called me to ask me what he should buy, his sister started shouting that I should loose their brother, I have tied him.

My husband is worshiping me she said plenty things but I just said let me go inside my sister in-law slapped me right before their mother, she did not say anything, am a year older than her.  

mummy all this is happening and my husband is not even aware,am scared, all my life have never argued with anyone, am scared, what if I tell my husband and it result to something big.

I know what he can do but I don't want them here again .am in a fix how can I get out without causing husband has never lay his hands on me but his younger one has done it. i am not happy with this at all.i need help on how to handle this.

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