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Nigerian Gov't Have Realised It's Game Over - Kanu Reacts as FG Promises to Stop Fulani Herdsmen Roaming Around

After Garba shehu said that the Fulani Herdsmen should be stopped from roaming the street, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu reacts saying that Nigerian Government have realised its game over and have decided to do the right thing.

He wrote: "Nigerians please go and thank your stars for #ESN. What years of convoluted grammar and meaningless arguments could not achieve, the launch of #ESN accomplished in less than 2 weeks."

"Within a month of launching our defence line across the South-East & South South , the Janjaweed rulers of the #Zoo have realised its game over and have decided to do the right thing."

"We are not letting our guard down because we know they are natural born liars. This could be another ruse to lure us into a false sense of security before they unleash their dogs of war from the Sahel on innocent easterners. The #Zoo does not understand reason or common sense, they only understand armed self defence."

"I want to thank this generation of Biafran scientists for their exceptional ingenuity and service to the motherland. We are better prepared now than ever before. #ESN is here to stay."

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