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NIN Registration Made Easy: How To Fill The Form For Registration And Collection

The on going NIN registration exercise in the country has been seen as a wake up call to all Nigerians, who are yet to get their national identity number. 

The essence of the registration is to curb high rate of insecurity in the country. It is also to ensure each Nigerian citizen has his or her information in the national data base. In respect of registration, it has been gathered that, some people still find it difficult to understand how to supply the necessary information for the registration. 

To fill the form, it is highly advisable to first go online and download the form. After downloading it, you can print it out and fill it manually. Most of the details you will need to supply in the form, may not be at your immediate reach. So, that gives you the time to look for the information.

The kind of queue and stress being facedbby the registration officials, necessitates that, we save them the stress of incomplete registration. If you are unable to supply the important information, while you are being attended to, you will definitely be turned back. 

You need to ensure you fill in your information in capital letters and in either black or blue ink. More so your handwriting should be legible enough for the NIMC official to see.

In addition, the recent news about hacking of the database of the NIMC has been debunked by the commission. The commission investigated the data breach and was found not to be true.

Feel free to drop your comment below. Feel free to share the article for others to have an idea of how the form looks like and the information in it.

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