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Reno Omokri Suggests A Prophetic Name Couples Should Call Each Other

Different couples have different pet and fun names they call eachother. Such names are expressions of couple’s feelings for each other. While some couples call each other their normal names, others have special names for each other.

Reno Omokri, former president Jonathan’s media aide and Social Media influencer has counselled spouses on what special names they can call each other that can make their marriages sweet and last.

Reno Omokri who is known for his controversial statements on issues related to Christianity took to his twitter handle on Saturday to give his counsel.

According to Omokri, couples should always call each other, HONEY. He said the name not only romantic, but prophetic. He further explained that couples who call eachother honey don’t experience decay in their marriages because honey does not decay. He said it also a way of couples prophesying sweetness to their marital life. He said and I quote:

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“Always call your spouse honey. It is prophetic. Honey is the only food that never decays. If you call your spouse honey, it is not just romantic. What you are prophesying is that, like honey, your love will never decay. It will last sweetly forever.”

This piece of advice is timely because we are living in an age in which the number of marriages that crash are more than those that succeed.

Also in the age when domestic violence has come rampant, couples who call each other HONEY could hardly experience domestic violence because honey symbolises sweetness

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