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"Results of sleeping around with different ladies, today I am HIV Positive"

In this new age we live in, promiscuity has become "cool". People go to clubs and sleep with strangers without protection and the youth glorifies this... we even have phrases like ", hoe phase".

An engaged man from Pretoria who goes by the name of Yster Selokela went to facebook to confess that he had fallen victim to the lifestyle of being promiscuous and unfaithful.

In the end he got HIV positive and the sad part is that he doesn't know who he got the virus from also he might have infected many women who in turn, infected others; it's a vicious cycle that never seems to stop.

Yster posted his HIV results and captioned the images with "results of sleeping around with different ladies, today I am HIV positive." 

You can feel his pain through his update, and the sad part is that the situation cannot be reversed.

Yster made a mistake, just like the best of us. I hope he forgives himself and take his ARVs. HIV is not a death sentence, a person's viral load may become so low that it cannot be detected when a person takes his/her pills.

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