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Stop Buying Unnecessary Pills, Soak Bitter Kola In Coconut Water For 2 Days

When you soak bitter kola in coconut water for two days and you drink it morning and night, you will get these health results that will be clearly stated below, but firstly let us consider the procedures of doing it.


Get seven nuts of Bitter kola, scrap the back off, Get a proportion of coconut water in cup.

Leave the seven Bitter Kola’s inside inside the Cocoanut water for three days and three nights, drink a small proportion of it in the morning and night.

What health benefits does it perform in the body?

It enables the digestive facilities and intestinal tract of your body to be independent of any supplementary impurities. It possesses antibacterial effects.

This mixture can rehabilitate your body from the these health dilemmas:

High blood pressure, poor sperm count, Fever, malaria, bad libido, Erective dysfunction, menstrual pain, Headache, cold and heartburn, Hepatitis.

Inflammation of the liver, Laryngitis, respiratory disorder, tuberculosis, diabetes, dysentery and stomach pains, spinal pains, joint pains, knee chronic break down of cartilage in the joints.

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