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The Sodomized Student Of Deeper Life Boarding School Is Likely To End Up Being Gay - Therapist

According to a renowned therapist, Linda Zannaffe Omoluabi, the Sodomised Student of Deeper Life Boarding school Uyo is very likely to developed sexual preference for same sex and end up being gay unless his parents seek the intervention of a therapist.

Lamenting the general ignorance on issues centering on sexual abuse and its consequences, the therapist said that it is high time Nigerians developed a keen interest in understanding the nature of the various types of abuses and their far reaching consequences in the face of latest societal trend.

Linda Omoluabi revealed that men who have sexual preferences for men like themselves popularly called gays, are mostly men who were repeatedly sexually abused by other men in their formative years much like what the student of the Deeper life boarding house at Uyo went through.

The subconscious mind according to the therapist, accepts repeated childhood experiences as what ought to be and forms the human behaviour likewise. The family therapist called this conditioning. This is the reason according to her, why parents must be very keen in selecting the experiences their impressionable children are subjected to.

Speaking specifically about the trending story of the sodomised Deeper life Boarding school male student, Omoluabi said that because he is at his formative years when the subconscious mind is easily conditioned he is likely to developed sexual preference for those of same sex because of repeated rape by fellow boys.

All hope is however not lost said the renowned therapist as there is fortunately the option of seeking professional help from a therapist.

According to Omoluabi, the conditions on grounds in most boarding schools compel students to develop pervasive sexual such as sodomy and lesbianism.

Expatiating on this the therapist revealed that as a result of strict restrictions on male female interaction, sexually active girls and boys begin to look unto same sex who are the only ones they are mostly permitted to be with after school for sexual gratification or experimentation. In the process, according to her the student who puts up resistance is raped repeatedly without consequences because they are threatened not to disclose their abuse to the school authorities.

Soon the sodomized boy begins to sodomize younger boys and the girl raped by other girls in senior classes begins to do same to younger girls.

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