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This is Good news! Father and a child sustained no injuries after this fatal accident

God is still on throne. He is able to do all things. His name is a miracle working God. This young man and his son escaped from this accident without a scratch after their car was involved in an accident at Nsukka.

The car was totally condemned, the accident was fatal and yet not even a scratch on the body of the father and the son. It's amazing and surprising. This can only be done by God.

People in the area or who were witness when the accident took place was aback by the fact that there was no life lost in the car accident and of the fact that anyone was hospitalized from the car accident.

The car owner said, "I don't know what to say about this God o, I don't know what have done good to him so great that he spare my life and the life of my child. If I know what I did well to him, I would start doing more of it."

This incident reveals the fact that God is real, he's merciful and that Good kind. No one killeth or maketh alive. It is God that decree a thing and everything that comes to pass.

Let all serve our God with one mind, pure mind and do good to others. Let also pray for God's protection always. God will protect you and your family for the remaining days of this year.

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