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Two Spoilt Teenagers set Internet on fire with this open [email protected] video

Couple goals is when two lovers flaunt themselves to show the public how much they love themselves. These young lovers doing the ‘couple goals’ thing has caused a big stir online and netizen can’t keep mute.

In a viral video, the two young lovers who are probably between the ages of 16 and 18 were seen k!ss!ng online and talking about their future.

Two young lovers have caused a stir online after they shared a video of them talking about their future and their relationship. The boy asked the girl if she’s going to stay with him since he hasn’t made money yet and since he is a sm0ker.

The guy asked her if she will still love him and be with him because he sm0kes, the girl said yes that she smokes too and started kissing him.

“Baby are you gonna stay with me? Do you think I’m gonna make it? Baby stay with me, I’m a sm0ker”

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