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VIDEO: Shameless Moment Two Teenage Girls Were Recorded Fighting Openly Over Boyfriend

I won’t really say I’m surprised but seeing young ones’ misconduct these days is turning into a district and parcel of our standard of living lately. Meanwhile, it’s an eyesore for any sensible and reasonable person, parent, or elderly one to see such a mess and misconduct that is quickly corrupting society and the whole world at large.

In this twenty – first century, several things are disregarded in the tutelage of their parents to their kids. And one in each of these things is social group behavior and manner. Several people including parents do not care much again concerning what their kids are simply up to these days, most importantly when they are on their phones, on social media, and before I forget the type of friends they’re going out with.

This brings us to the sunshine of the video of those 2 young teenagers who were caught on camera fighting over a BOYFRIEND.

The video shows how the 2 young ladies picked a fight with one another and torn each other’s clothing in the course of the mad fight over a supposed boyfriend.

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The annoying part of this whole heroic tale is that the 2 teenagers started the fight right publicly. The surroundings where the fight began seemed like a ground playing ground for students. And with this little information, we can all tell that the fight began within the school premises, and most importantly this happened during students’ game time.

See the shameful moment both ladies started beating each other below:

I have posted the video on instagram TV just Tap Here to Watch on Instagram and don't forget to share. 

This is after all a disgraceful moment for the 2 ladies and their families as well. To watch the video, just simply tap here to watch on instagram.

As an involved fellow Nigerian, what do you think their parents should do to stop, or rather correct children from taking a wrong path which includes dating, & fighting over a boy or a lady brazenly like this one? Please comment down below.

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