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What Did You Notice In This Marriage? See People's Reaction On Facebook As This Question Was Asked

Now as one who can dictate things easily or as someone who has the ability to dictate things what can you say about this marriage between these two couples.

There could be many reasons why they are like that. Shyness could be the reason why their faces are that way. Or there's a misunderstanding between the two couples that made them to frown their faces during their marriage ceremony.
Some people on Facebook are saying that they were forced to marry each other but I don't believe that how can these two adults be pressurized by someone to get married to each other.

They are old enough to make their choice on who to marry so I don't believe they are pressurized by someone to get married or forcefully get married to each other.

Now from your own opinion what can you say is the reason why their faces are like that during their traditional marriage ceremony

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