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What Kind of Accident is This? Is The World Coming to an End?

Accident are very common especially now during festive seasons, but there is one that shocked everyone. In this accident it is shocking how this truck ended up at the top of an electric fence. 

It was shocking to everyone as they wonder how it ended up there and everyone felt it was like some sort of miracle. This truck has hit a small hill and flew to that electric fence.

it is a miracle how the people who were inside got to survive this accident without even a scratch on them. This has recorded as accident of the decade as it has never happened before. 

People are having thought as to what if this is a sign that the world is coming to an end? What more will people have to witness before the end of the world.

 Please leave a comment below and express your opinion on this, if it was you involved in that accident what would you do to ensure your safety.

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